An Auto-responder: What Is The Importance To Any Internet Based Business?

An auto responder is essential to the lead capture process of any internet based business. There are a variety of ways to drive or funnel traffic to your online business. You may use conventional methods like the yellow pages, fliers, newspapers, radio or television advertisements to drive traffic to your website. Or you may funnel traffic to your website with various methods like article marketing, forum marketing, social bookmarking, social media, video marketing, or whatever you choose to use. But regardless of how you bring traffic to your site, in order to effectively capture and maintain these leads you are going to need an auto responder.

The auto responder captures the names and email address of those that you lure, to your website, or opt-in page, via an opt-in box. We’ve all been asked to enter our name and email addresses to gain access to something beyond the initial page of a website. The auto responder compiles these names and emails and serves as the data manager that allows you to send out future emails on a schedule that you determine. It can also send out mass broadcasts at a specific time to millions of people or to whatever size list that you’ve built from your efforts.

The auto responder enables you to consistently maintain contact with a list of prospects that you are familiar with: such that you can begin to build relationships over time with the people that come to your website or business. In that, after a time, you will know the history of each lead. And you are able to follow up with them to offer more services and products that may interest them. The auto responder also puts you in a position where you can easily compile and evaluate data in a way that enables you to make offers routinely that makes sense to each lead. And one of the best things about the auto responder is that it can send out your emails and offers automatically; its a hands-free process. Thus saving you alot of time and energy. It frees you up to be able to focus on other aspects of your business such as marketing.

Its very convienient, effective and requires much less time and energy. And in business, time is money. For that reason, and auto responder is an absolute must for any internet business because it continues working long after you’ve taken off for the work day, or for the work week, or maybe even for the month.

Your Home Based Business Will Fail – Why?

Why will the average person fail to make money online?
There are many reasons why so many people fail, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you are not in the majority.

Failing to be backed by a leader:
After months maybe even years of failing to find a legitimate home based business, many continue going and going. Why? Because we all know that the opportunity is there, but what’s the key? I like to think its more like a combination, creating a legitimate home based business will be the result of finding success with a number of methods.

There are several ways to make money online, however most of these are nothing more than bait to leave you with less money than you started. If you find the right program and training, than half of your struggle is over.

No one expects to walk out of high school right into the CEO position at a fortune 500 company, yet thousands of people go online everyday and attempt to create a home based business with little to no experience. This is due mostly to a lack of proper planning, or to be honest, a lack of thinking at all. If you are looking into the possibility of creating a home based business, or just to earn money from home, don’t make this mistake. This could be one of the best or worst decisions you will ever make. This is not something you want to jump into blindly.

Creating a legitimate home based business is a difficult thing to do, you will need to feel good about what you do, and keep your personal goals in mind.

Afraid to invest into a program:
Many people are afraid of parting with their money and investing in a proper program. What happens is they fall for the word “free”, There are many people searching for ways to earn money online and the word free is just like a worm dangling around in a pond, it likely has a sharp hook in the middle. To start a brick and mortar business you would be looking at investing in a building, employees, and advertising to offer products or services to a local people. You can create a legitimate home based business by investing time, and less than $500.

Ask yourself these questions:

– How does this program make me money? Are they explaining their program to you?
– Can they guarantee my success? If they have no confidence then there is no reason for you to have confidence.
– Is there valid contact information? If they don’t offer you support before you start, than it’s very unlikely to get support afterwards.
– Do they provide visual proof? Lets see some screen shots of actual earnings!
– How much training is provided? Training should be your number one concern.
– What type of reputation do they have online? Do a Google search on the company, if they don’t really work, you will quickly find out.
– How quickly will I start making money? A good program itself, can set you up to start earning immediately, can you follow directions?

No matter how you choose to earn money online, there will be an investment of time and money. Take the time to research these programs and invest your time and money wisely. It only takes a small amount of time, and common sense to see just how legitimate a work from home business is.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Fastest Way Of Building A Virtual Income Torrent?

As Internet matures and marketing advances gradually with time some exclusive ideas are coming up to build a virtual income torrent. “Ad Campaigns”, falls in the categories of such exclusive ideas for marketing that is functioning with certainty. Such campaign provide support to a site owner to get exposure in the market while adding sales or sales commissions to their bottom line instead of wasting money and time paying for the worthless Ad Campaign.

Presently Affiliate Marketing is considered as one of the fastest advancement in making money online. Each web business that you become affiliated with, no matter how big or small is the business, will help you to earn revenue with every clicks on ad on your website by the visitors, then going to another site to arrange a purchase. For every sale you receive a commission. You can increase your income online and the consistency will surely continue once your affiliate marketing site comes to hold certain position and for that you need to make marketing trip to accomplish necessary task important for your website to escalate richness at your site. In case if situation arise like there was not a single selling then also there is nothing to worry because if your site is just a touchstone portal to other websites, you can speed up the your site with the help of exclusive internet marketing ideas. You can buy something from any of the affiliated sites listed on the site and sale it. As already mention you make money on every sale so here too will be the same case.

Internet marketing can benefit both you and the related company at the same time provided that if you and the related company that sells different products exchange links. Even if your site does sell any products, it can offer affiliate sites for related merchandise that you do not sell thus opening the doors of benefits for the sides. Apart from the inflow of revenue on every sale the site with which you are affiliated with receives added bonus of getting connected to another high quality to their site further improving their position with the search engines.

Another exclusive idea of Internet marketing to boost your income online is by signing up as a franchisee for an established online business. Applying such ideas will lead to more sales with higher commissions as much 60 percent or more to your sites. Whatever you do, make sure about the companies you become affiliated with

Information Products- A Great Source Of Income

affiliate marketing for Beginners- Information Products

A Great Source for Income

A great way to create a business for yourself is to create an information product about your product or niche service. What is an information product, you ask? It is a digital package of information about just about any subject or product. It is designed to answer questions or solve a problem someone in your target market may have. It brings with it great possibilities for any internet marketing program.

How it Works

Here is how it might work. Your customer?s dog is not feeling well and things are getting urgent. Your customer goes online to your pet site and looks for information pertaining to the symptoms the dog has. You just happen to have a report with the very information that could help the customer out. The information product is downloaded for a fee and you have made yourself some income while your customer is delighted to find what he/ she was looking for. This story demonstrates the benefits that make information products so popular.

Benefits of Information Products

They are digital in nature and therefore easy to access and download. They are available 24/7 at the precise moment they are needed. They can be paid for online for a modest fee or whatever the merchant determines the price should be. They are very helpful in creating customer loyalty that is vital to your affiliate online program.

Information products are easy to create. If you already have your own business you probably already have all the material needed to create one or more different products. If you start from scratch, the research and writing is easy to do yourself or you can outsource the writing if need be. Start with an outline, fill in with material you research carefully; then write the copy. If you want, you can record an audio version of your script and offer the product in written or audio form. You can even provide a free teaser on video on You Tube to promote your product.

There are some added benefits to creating an information product.

Added Benefits

One is you will create traffic to your Web site when your customers go to download the information. This offers the possibility of cross selling or up selling related products. It also helps build a more lasting relationship with your customers if they see you as a reliable source of trusted information.

Another opportunity is that of building an affiliate program where your information product is sold by affiliate marketers who sign up to your affiliate program. This will increase traffic to your Web site and increase the building of your client list and income stream.

The beauty of this model is that it creates an income stream that works 24/7 while you are tending to other aspects of your business. It is a great way to build an online business.


The trend is up for the creation and distribution of information products. People today are looking for information at all hours of the day and night as they feel the need to solve a problem or satisfy a need. Having what your customer wants when they want it is the big advantage of offering a well designed information product. It is a great way to grow your affiliate marketing program.

So go to it and get your information products up and running. Your business will be the better for it and you will enjoy the income.

May Your Travels Be Prosperous

Internet Marketing – Are You Tired Of The Hard Sale?

My internet passion started back in 2003. A little eBook set me on the road, it was Google Cash by Chris Carpenter. I set up a few campaigns in a relatively competition free Australia and started making money directly promoting affiliate programs.
I was quite successful at this in the beginning and then had the pleasure of watching the market flood with new entrants, all doing the same thing, forcing keyword bids up. I also had the pleasure of watching Google continue to refine their rules to make their search engine perform better, often at the expense of affiliate marketers. I watched and modified my approach until the time required to exist in the market, was no longer compensated by a justifiable remuneration.
So I changed my approach. I started to build websites and learn about search engine optimisation. I still used PPC marketing, but to drive traffic to my own websites while they optimised in the organic search terms. The result for me was half a dozen highly optimised and profitable website businesses. Of these, only one has its own product. The others either promote affiliate programs or sell advertising space.
Over the 6 years I have been active in internet marketing, I have picked up quite a few clients who wanted help with their web presence. I never promoted this service, they all came to me on referral or by word of mouth. They all had two things in common. Firstly they wanted a website that sold their product. Secondly they had been ripped off by an unethical internet marketer who took their money and left them with a website that didn’t work.
That’s the problem with internet marketing. Its not a university degree, its not a regulated industry. Anyone can and does call themself an internet marketer. That’s why internet professionals as an industry have such a bad reputation. Our industry is packed with graphic designers who know nothing about marketing and professional marketers who know nothing about the internet.
Every week I see these operators at work. They operate on the assumption that they know more about the internet than their clients and therefore can create sales through misdirection. They promise the world, deliver very little and once paid move onto the next unsuspecting victim.
For example, my tourism business hires out surfboards on Australia’s Gold Coast. Do a Google search on “Gold Coast Surfboard Hire” or even just “surfboard hire” for that matter. I’m sure you’ll find me, mine is Gold Coast Surfboards. Clearly for the product I am selling, I am very well optimised in the search engines.
So I have a website which is supporting a business perfectly. Its optimised in the search engine for the search phrases which are popular and relevant to the service. Despite this, so called internet “professionals” contact me every week trying to sell me their SEO services.
You can see exactly what they do. They find a small business website with the assumption they will know more about the internet than the websites owner. (He after all will be busy running his business) They will look at the main products and then trawl through Google to find a search phrase that the website doesn’t compete well with. Then they try and scare the business owner into signing up for their services.
Using my two examples above, if I had have used these “gurus”, my website would be optimised for 1 specific search phrase which is unrelated to my core business “Surf Board Accessories” and 1 broad phrase that will attract lots of people, most of which are looking to rent a car or a hotel room. Thes people probably aren’t even going to the Gold Coast. I’m sure the gurus would have taken my money regardless.
If you are under pressure from an internet salesman to sign up for their optimisation services, my advice is to first get a really good understanding from you clients, as to which search phrases they use on the internet when they are looking for your product. If the salesmen are trying to get you to optimise other phrases, don’t do business with them. At the very least they have not researched your market enough to work on your website. At its worse, they are just manipulating you in an attempt to wring some money out of you. Either way, it will damage your business.
If on the other hand you are not being hassled by these salesmen, yet understand the potential the internet has for your business but don’t know where to start, I recommend you start asking around your circle of friends. Try and find an operator that someone will recommend first hand. Just make it clear to them though you are looking for an internet marketer, not a designer. There are plenty of students or graphic artists out there who will be happy to take your cash and build you a masterpiece. It will be such a pity no-one will be able to find it.
And to all the shonky operators in our wonderful industry, please make an effort to bring some standard of ethics into your operation. You need to stop selling for the sake of sales and start selling to add real value. If you can add real value to a potential client’s business, great, please do so. Its so nice when businesses speak highly of the internet marketing industry. If you can’t add value to them though, leave them alone. They are better off without you.

Meta Tags And Seo

Meta tags are snippets of html code that are not visible to your websites readers, but contain information about your site for search engines and web spiders to use for categorizing and documenting your site. Some experts think that meta tags are not really considered for search engine rankings anymore, and are not that important. There might be more to these meta tags than meets the eye.

Meta tags used to be weighed fairly heavily when ranking websites for keywords, but webmasters quickly figured out how to use these tags to manipulate search results. They began to stuff lots of keywords in the tags to increase rankings for a lot of different keywords. Eventually, this caused search engines to put more emphasis on actual page content than on meta content.

There are different types of meta tags, the most used being the keywords and description meta tags. The description tag can be used to enhance your search results listings, but they will not increase your search engine rankings. Depending on the keyword searched for, search engines like Google will either use your description meta tag to display a short description of your website, or it will use snippets of content from your site that have high relevance for the search query. The description is a place where you can put your ?advertisement? about your site. This can be in the form of a short sales pitch or elaborating on your page title. The maximum character length for the description tag is 160 according to Google. Other search engines may display up to 200 as in the case of MSN, but it is always a safe bet to stick to the 160 rule.

The keywords tag doesn?t carry much (if any) weight in search engine rankings anymore, but most webmasters and SEOs tend to use it. The generally accepted rule is to have 250 characters or less, and to separate each word with a comma or a space, but not both. The reasoning is that with spaces separating words, you allow for multiple keyword matching instead of having ?hard? keyword breaks at commas. Indeed this may be an obsolete practice, but with our successful results with highly competitive keywords using our strategies, we tend to err on the side of inclusion as log as we follow the guidelines.

There are some meta tag generation tools out there that will generate ?advanced? meta tags, such as author, subject, classification, copyright, designer, geography, language, publisher, robots behavior, distribution, city, and country. Although these are less commonly used, all of these tags tell information about the site. Some webmaster downplay their importance, but typically if you use them correctly and don?t over-stuff them with keywords, including them just gives more detailed information about your site. In our experience, that is a great addition when done correctly.

So what is the correct way to use meta tags? Research your industry keywords, and build your site content around it. Once your content is centered around those keywords, generate your meta information around your site?s content. Remember to keep your relevancy ratio of meta information to page content at 95% or higher. You can use an online meta tag generator, but first draft what you want the meta content to be an dmake sure that the keyword and the description meta tags stay within the character limits. There aren?t very stringent guidelines for the other less commonly used tags, so if you can stay below the 160 mark, you should be fine.

As with anything else, when developing meta tags for a website, it is important to maintain your focus. Decide what keywords are important and highlight those. Don?t go for everything or you will end up with nothing. The more focused your site, the higher its relevancy will be and the higher it will rank.

Selling Online, Marketing Tips For Beginners And Semi-beginners

Just about everyone wants to do better, have better, and live better. One problem with obtaining a better live is that it requires work and it is hard to fight the urge to cut corners. So what make sense is to find away to make money from home. The obvious choice for most people is to work online.
Finding a job or a business that you can do online should be easy, right? It is, if you know what to look for and who to trust. As much as I hate to admit it there are all kinds of scams and/or miss leading sites on the web. There are also a lot of good marketing tips and training programs out there you just have to do your homework. For selling online here are 5 marketing tips to get you started.
1. Decide what to sell will it be your own product or someone else?s.
You first need to decide what you want to sell. If you already have a product of your own to sell that’s great (as long as it’s something other people want). If you need a product to sell you can become an affiliate and sell other peoples products for a commission.

2. Find out if there are people interested in that product
This marketing tip is very important do not try and sell a product without finding out if there are really enough people interested in buying it. There are people online looking for a solution to their particular problem. You need to figure out what that problem is and provide the solution.

3. Build your website
Having your own website is the best way to sell online. This gives you a place to send your customers when they decide they’re ready to buy from you. For a website you will need Web hosting and a domain name. Just go to Google and type the words website hosting and/or domain names.

4. Add value
Always always be honest and open in what you do. You always want to give good advice, by doing these simple things you gain trust and build a relationship with the people you want to do business. You should also provide something extra for example free e-book or free training something along those lines.

5. Building a customer list
I believe the best way to build your customer list is to use a squeeze page and an autoresponder were you can offer a prospective customer something free in exchange they provide their name and email address. This gets them on your list were you can send them offers. When they are ready to make a purchase they will more than likely going to come to you, because you have build up trust and a relationship.

These are basic marketing tips on getting you started with selling online. You can use these tips as a guide to your future with an online marketing business.

Five Mistakes Make Visitor Annoying And Leave Your Website

There are tons of information in Internet. Why visitors would like to go to other website and not stay on your website? There are many reasons in behind. This article will show you five common mistakes that make visitor leave your website and go to others.

1. Not state clear what product/service provided in your website.

If your website is an online shop, state clear what types of product you sell. If your shop sell different types of product, make a clear and easy-navigation menu for your visitor.

Visitors are busy and always have other choices to go. If they don?t know what is it about, they will leave immediately and will not come back. So, state clear the products you sell in the home page or landing page.

2. Products overload
Put too much products on the web page. Visitors are busy and they don?t filter your information one by one, step by step. Visitors always look for instant information that match their query.

Don?t put everything on one single page. You should separate out the most important product from others. Only put the most important products on your homepage and provides some links to other related products.

3. Complicated ordering process
If you add one more step into the ordering process, visitors have one more chance to quit the ordering process. Visitors won?t spend time to fill in information and make many click to buy something.

You should keep the ordering process as simple as possible.
This is a good reference.
– Check out page,
– Select Payment Method,
– Fillin Shipping info,
– Confirm page

4. Not update
Only latest and update information is valuable. If visitors find your information is out-dated and they will leave. Ensure the information is update and no broken links. You should also check the date of your copyright statement. Is it still 2008 or 2009? Have you post the latest news of your company?

5. No contact information
In some case, visitors likes to have direct communication with a human being. If they cannot find a way to talk with you, they may feel worry. Provides email address and phone number can build customer?s confidence. If they have any question, they can find you via email or phone.

How To Avoid Losing Your Google Adsense Account?


Widen Your Dreams With Internet Marketing

The internet has earned a lot of significance on the earth since the past few decades. The very quick revolution and the continuous progress of the earlier times have truly made the life a lot easier and simpler. As a matter of fact, internet is now the most essential part of anybody?s life not merely for business but also as a normal routine. The performance, speed and the reliability of internet marketing are truly commendable.

The demand and the requirement of the internet marketing have reached the summit. Whether it is internet marketing Boston or internet marketing Massachusetts, the scope of it is actually very huge. Each businessman have not came to know the importance of the online marketing and have began to make their personal portals to make each the transaction smoother and simpler. It has truly made the life very comfortable and relaxed not merely for the businessman but also for all the customers. Now-a-days, solely with the single search, you will get to see millions of options. But it is very significant that you get and trust only the best portal you get.

Online marketing Massachusetts and online marketing Boston has actually created a very huge puzzle or zigzag. There are a lot of renowned and trusted marketing firms that offers amazing online marketing amenities and services to the customers. Quite a few of the services that are offered by such internet marketing companies are classifieds, social bookmarking, directory listings, pay per click services, forum postings, email marketing and a lot more.

SearchProSystems is an internet marketing company which work towards complete client satisfaction and offers 100% commitment and devotion in their services. This Online marketing Massachusetts and Online marketing Boston firm provides highly specialized SEO services at a very competitive price and within the lowest time frame.