An Auto-responder: What Is The Importance To Any Internet Based Business?

An auto responder is essential to the lead capture process of any internet based business. There are a variety of ways to drive or funnel traffic to your online business. You may use conventional methods like the yellow pages, fliers, newspapers, radio or television advertisements to drive traffic to your website. Or you may funnel traffic to your website with various methods like article marketing, forum marketing, social bookmarking, social media, video marketing, or whatever you choose to use. But regardless of how you bring traffic to your site, in order to effectively capture and maintain these leads you are going to need an auto responder.

The auto responder captures the names and email address of those that you lure, to your website, or opt-in page, via an opt-in box. We’ve all been asked to enter our name and email addresses to gain access to something beyond the initial page of a website. The auto responder compiles these names and emails and serves as the data manager that allows you to send out future emails on a schedule that you determine. It can also send out mass broadcasts at a specific time to millions of people or to whatever size list that you’ve built from your efforts.

The auto responder enables you to consistently maintain contact with a list of prospects that you are familiar with: such that you can begin to build relationships over time with the people that come to your website or business. In that, after a time, you will know the history of each lead. And you are able to follow up with them to offer more services and products that may interest them. The auto responder also puts you in a position where you can easily compile and evaluate data in a way that enables you to make offers routinely that makes sense to each lead. And one of the best things about the auto responder is that it can send out your emails and offers automatically; its a hands-free process. Thus saving you alot of time and energy. It frees you up to be able to focus on other aspects of your business such as marketing.

Its very convienient, effective and requires much less time and energy. And in business, time is money. For that reason, and auto responder is an absolute must for any internet business because it continues working long after you’ve taken off for the work day, or for the work week, or maybe even for the month.