Your Home Based Business Will Fail – Why?

Why will the average person fail to make money online?
There are many reasons why so many people fail, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you are not in the majority.

Failing to be backed by a leader:
After months maybe even years of failing to find a legitimate home based business, many continue going and going. Why? Because we all know that the opportunity is there, but what’s the key? I like to think its more like a combination, creating a legitimate home based business will be the result of finding success with a number of methods.

There are several ways to make money online, however most of these are nothing more than bait to leave you with less money than you started. If you find the right program and training, than half of your struggle is over.

No one expects to walk out of high school right into the CEO position at a fortune 500 company, yet thousands of people go online everyday and attempt to create a home based business with little to no experience. This is due mostly to a lack of proper planning, or to be honest, a lack of thinking at all. If you are looking into the possibility of creating a home based business, or just to earn money from home, don’t make this mistake. This could be one of the best or worst decisions you will ever make. This is not something you want to jump into blindly.

Creating a legitimate home based business is a difficult thing to do, you will need to feel good about what you do, and keep your personal goals in mind.

Afraid to invest into a program:
Many people are afraid of parting with their money and investing in a proper program. What happens is they fall for the word “free”, There are many people searching for ways to earn money online and the word free is just like a worm dangling around in a pond, it likely has a sharp hook in the middle. To start a brick and mortar business you would be looking at investing in a building, employees, and advertising to offer products or services to a local people. You can create a legitimate home based business by investing time, and less than $500.

Ask yourself these questions:

– How does this program make me money? Are they explaining their program to you?
– Can they guarantee my success? If they have no confidence then there is no reason for you to have confidence.
– Is there valid contact information? If they don’t offer you support before you start, than it’s very unlikely to get support afterwards.
– Do they provide visual proof? Lets see some screen shots of actual earnings!
– How much training is provided? Training should be your number one concern.
– What type of reputation do they have online? Do a Google search on the company, if they don’t really work, you will quickly find out.
– How quickly will I start making money? A good program itself, can set you up to start earning immediately, can you follow directions?

No matter how you choose to earn money online, there will be an investment of time and money. Take the time to research these programs and invest your time and money wisely. It only takes a small amount of time, and common sense to see just how legitimate a work from home business is.

Internet Marketing – Are You Tired Of The Hard Sale?

My internet passion started back in 2003. A little eBook set me on the road, it was Google Cash by Chris Carpenter. I set up a few campaigns in a relatively competition free Australia and started making money directly promoting affiliate programs.
I was quite successful at this in the beginning and then had the pleasure of watching the market flood with new entrants, all doing the same thing, forcing keyword bids up. I also had the pleasure of watching Google continue to refine their rules to make their search engine perform better, often at the expense of affiliate marketers. I watched and modified my approach until the time required to exist in the market, was no longer compensated by a justifiable remuneration.
So I changed my approach. I started to build websites and learn about search engine optimisation. I still used PPC marketing, but to drive traffic to my own websites while they optimised in the organic search terms. The result for me was half a dozen highly optimised and profitable website businesses. Of these, only one has its own product. The others either promote affiliate programs or sell advertising space.
Over the 6 years I have been active in internet marketing, I have picked up quite a few clients who wanted help with their web presence. I never promoted this service, they all came to me on referral or by word of mouth. They all had two things in common. Firstly they wanted a website that sold their product. Secondly they had been ripped off by an unethical internet marketer who took their money and left them with a website that didn’t work.
That’s the problem with internet marketing. Its not a university degree, its not a regulated industry. Anyone can and does call themself an internet marketer. That’s why internet professionals as an industry have such a bad reputation. Our industry is packed with graphic designers who know nothing about marketing and professional marketers who know nothing about the internet.
Every week I see these operators at work. They operate on the assumption that they know more about the internet than their clients and therefore can create sales through misdirection. They promise the world, deliver very little and once paid move onto the next unsuspecting victim.
For example, my tourism business hires out surfboards on Australia’s Gold Coast. Do a Google search on “Gold Coast Surfboard Hire” or even just “surfboard hire” for that matter. I’m sure you’ll find me, mine is Gold Coast Surfboards. Clearly for the product I am selling, I am very well optimised in the search engines.
So I have a website which is supporting a business perfectly. Its optimised in the search engine for the search phrases which are popular and relevant to the service. Despite this, so called internet “professionals” contact me every week trying to sell me their SEO services.
You can see exactly what they do. They find a small business website with the assumption they will know more about the internet than the websites owner. (He after all will be busy running his business) They will look at the main products and then trawl through Google to find a search phrase that the website doesn’t compete well with. Then they try and scare the business owner into signing up for their services.
Using my two examples above, if I had have used these “gurus”, my website would be optimised for 1 specific search phrase which is unrelated to my core business “Surf Board Accessories” and 1 broad phrase that will attract lots of people, most of which are looking to rent a car or a hotel room. Thes people probably aren’t even going to the Gold Coast. I’m sure the gurus would have taken my money regardless.
If you are under pressure from an internet salesman to sign up for their optimisation services, my advice is to first get a really good understanding from you clients, as to which search phrases they use on the internet when they are looking for your product. If the salesmen are trying to get you to optimise other phrases, don’t do business with them. At the very least they have not researched your market enough to work on your website. At its worse, they are just manipulating you in an attempt to wring some money out of you. Either way, it will damage your business.
If on the other hand you are not being hassled by these salesmen, yet understand the potential the internet has for your business but don’t know where to start, I recommend you start asking around your circle of friends. Try and find an operator that someone will recommend first hand. Just make it clear to them though you are looking for an internet marketer, not a designer. There are plenty of students or graphic artists out there who will be happy to take your cash and build you a masterpiece. It will be such a pity no-one will be able to find it.
And to all the shonky operators in our wonderful industry, please make an effort to bring some standard of ethics into your operation. You need to stop selling for the sake of sales and start selling to add real value. If you can add real value to a potential client’s business, great, please do so. Its so nice when businesses speak highly of the internet marketing industry. If you can’t add value to them though, leave them alone. They are better off without you.

Five Mistakes Make Visitor Annoying And Leave Your Website

There are tons of information in Internet. Why visitors would like to go to other website and not stay on your website? There are many reasons in behind. This article will show you five common mistakes that make visitor leave your website and go to others.

1. Not state clear what product/service provided in your website.

If your website is an online shop, state clear what types of product you sell. If your shop sell different types of product, make a clear and easy-navigation menu for your visitor.

Visitors are busy and always have other choices to go. If they don?t know what is it about, they will leave immediately and will not come back. So, state clear the products you sell in the home page or landing page.

2. Products overload
Put too much products on the web page. Visitors are busy and they don?t filter your information one by one, step by step. Visitors always look for instant information that match their query.

Don?t put everything on one single page. You should separate out the most important product from others. Only put the most important products on your homepage and provides some links to other related products.

3. Complicated ordering process
If you add one more step into the ordering process, visitors have one more chance to quit the ordering process. Visitors won?t spend time to fill in information and make many click to buy something.

You should keep the ordering process as simple as possible.
This is a good reference.
– Check out page,
– Select Payment Method,
– Fillin Shipping info,
– Confirm page

4. Not update
Only latest and update information is valuable. If visitors find your information is out-dated and they will leave. Ensure the information is update and no broken links. You should also check the date of your copyright statement. Is it still 2008 or 2009? Have you post the latest news of your company?

5. No contact information
In some case, visitors likes to have direct communication with a human being. If they cannot find a way to talk with you, they may feel worry. Provides email address and phone number can build customer?s confidence. If they have any question, they can find you via email or phone.

How To Get Started On Affiliate Business Internet Marketing Online Promotion

If you?re one of the thousands of people who want to learn how you can get started on affiliate business Internet marketing online promotion, then this is the perfect short article for you. In order to become successful in affiliate marketing, the key is to give yourself the upper advantage through education. This way, you will not just learn the ways on how you can effectively market products as an affiliate, you will also be able to troubleshoot the system if ever problems arise.

Probably the number one reason why many online businesses have chosen to capitalize on affiliate marketing is the fact that it?s now attainable to become rich even without having to invest a large amount of capital. Just think, you won?t have to exert any effort into conceptualizing what kind of products you should sell or what kind of advertising techniques you should choose as more often than not, affiliate programs usually have their own systems for you to follow. As long as you focus on the program and follow their set rules, there?s no reason why you won?t become successful in this arena in the long run. Here are 3 tips on how you can get started on affiliate business Internet marketing online promotion.

Be an expert on spotting legitimate programs

Before applying to become an affiliate, make sure that the program that you have chosen is legitimate. Do your own background search on the companies first so that you can avoid becoming scammed. Check for any online reviews from other affiliates to get an idea on what kind of support they are capable of giving. There are many affiliate programs out there that can only promise and not deliver any goods. Getting into this mess will not just cost you money, but also a reputation as well.

Stick to the system

Once you?ve found a legitimate program to join, make sure that you follow their system to the last detail. Good affiliate programs shouldn?t just provide you with products or services to sell, but also a great marketing strategy that will be able to take care of your promotional concerns as well. This way, you get a complete package without having to invest so much time or money into the endeavor. It?s really easy to earn money on the Internet, it?s just a matter of knowing which system will help you go about it.

Learn from the best

Last but not the least, if you want to be successful as a premier affiliate business Internet marketer, you should take the lead of those who have come before you by learning the techniques of the very best in the league. You just need to take note of the facets that has worked for them perfectly so that you can find ways on how you can tailor it to work on your online endeavor as well.

At the end of the day, the trick to having a successful affiliate business Internet marketing online promotion outfit is by employing a low cost start up approach to your operations. As long you follow the tips that you have read here, you will be able to successfully start your own operation in no time.